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The stylistic value of Antonio Grimaldi originates in a magical combination of artisanal work and innovation. His philosophy consists of mixing tradition with innovation, reworking the concept of feminine beauty.


Born in Salerno (Italy), Antonio Grimaldi discovered his passion for fashion at a young age. Antonio attended the Art Institute and subsequently gained experience in craftsmanship and tailoring techniques, and his fashion training coming to completion when he moved to Rome. In the Capital, Antonio began working in the creative office of the historical fashion house of Fernanda Gattinoni.


In 1996, he became the co-founder of ‘Grimaldi Giardina’. The collections were presented at Altaroma in Rome and Paris. Thanks to the master Emanuel Ungaro, the collections were included in the official calendar of the Semaine de la Haute Couture Parisienne.


In 2010 Antonio gave life to the brand ‘Antonio Grimaldi’. Creative drive and renewed enthusiasm for fashion powered his passion and loyalty towards his profession, allowing the realisation of his pursuit of a career as a designer.


Antonio’s creations are characterized by strong sculptural lines, architectural asymmetries, and modern intricate embroideries, with signature curved and aerial shapes rendering the pieces unique to his style. The pieces create lightness on elegant silhouettes while embracing the cuts and techniques of high fashion. These elements come together to embody the leitmotif of Antonio Grimaldi’s style.


Since 2017, Antonio is an invited member of the official calendar of the Haute Couture Parisienne, thanks to Riccardo Tisci. In the course of the years Antonio’s creations have travelled the world, from Italy to the Middle East and Asia, his designs have conquered the hearts of international princesses, actresses and artists.

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